Here’s what Hollenback Consulting clients are saying…

College admissions CLIENTS

I’m so super happy! I really wanted to thank you for all your support and guidance. Without your effort, time and expertise, I’m sure this wouldn’t have been possible. I am so in awe of your patience, compassion and genuine nature! But more than anything, I am eternally grateful and blessed to have you in my life. You’ve been more than just an academic counsellor to me. You’ve lifted my spirits during my lows and shared my joys. I cannot possibly thank you enough! It’s been a memorable journey with you and frankly, I would have it no other way.
— HS Student (Undergraduate Admissions Client)
Meeting Linda was destined in my life! My best friend and my mentor, there is no one else I would want to do this with! Thank you for all the love and support you’ve given! Truly appreciate it!! Thank you Linda!
— HS Student (Undergraduate Admissions Client)
I was admitted by Emory University and Smith College! I am so excited!!! I could never receive that much without you! Thank you so much!!!
— HS Student (Undergraduate Admissions Client)
It is with extreme excitement that I am writing to you to let you know that I GOT INTO NORTHWESTERN. I would like to thank you for all the time you sacrificed and everything you did to help in order to make this possible!!!
— HS Student (Undergraduate Admissions Client)
Sincere gratitude to our counselor, Linda, for her unconditional support, kindness, compassion and care in helping our kids achieve their optimal success. We worked with Linda for several years and her approach is very child and family centered. She invests in the beginning, elevates the child’s potential, considers the family’s perspective and goals and helps the child chart the territory, where the child feels that he/she is the driver.

Linda specifically encourages the young adults to accept failures and use them as stepping stones to success and greater things in life. She often inspires the young adults to dive deep and find their own inner motivation. The unconditional support and courage to make mistakes yet come out even more successful at the end of the journey allows for lifelong learning and results in a far reaching impact. We really really appreciate Linda.

These lessons are not something you can buy from Amazon, they have to be learned. I want families to understand that this is not just a business, Linda provides a holistic and humanistic touch which is priceless.
— Parent
...More importantly than getting in, is the guidance you gave him with the essays. It forced him to look inside and sort things out. Now he’s really ready for college, wherever he decides! Thank you.
— Parent
Thank YOU, Linda, for your constant guidance and helping our kids learn important life skills. It is truly a gift you give them!!
— Parent
Linda, thank you very much!!! We are very happy and excited!!! Someone’s dreams come true :) Special thank for everything you have done to help and make it happen!
— Parent
Yes!! I was accepted to my first choice for Ortho. I am very excited!!! Thank you again for your help!!
— Graduate Admissions Client
I just found out I got into PENN!!! I am so so very excited!! Penn is my first choice so I am THRILLED!! I really appreciate all your help and encouragement through this process!!! As soon as I heard, I thought of that video you sent me and it just felt so right, like it was meant to be. I am so excited!!! Thanks so much for EVERYTHING!!
— Graduate Admissions Client

Career clients

Just wanted to let you know I’ve landed a job. It’s exactly the job I wanted when I decided to move to Philadelphia. The recruiter remarked on the quality of my resume, so I’m sending you a huge thank you!
— Résumé Client (Communications)
The first time I read my new résumé I felt as though I had just purchased a shiny new Mercedes or something. Your revisions and additions definitely kick it up to the next level. And I so appreciate that you factored in my voice and the areas of my journey that mean the most to me as a professional. Thank you again!
— Résumé Client (Nonprofit/Education)
Thank you so much, Linda. The prep session and questions you offered were very helpful. Feeling prepared has significantly mimimized my stress. I am ready to rock!!
— Interview Coaching Client (Government)
“Linda was extremely helpful through the resume writing process. She helped me refine my thinking and better articulate my objectives. I appreciate her coaching through the process.”
— Résumé Client (Business / Marketing)
My résumé is amazing. You are magical!!!! Thanks so much for everything!
— Deluxe Career Toolkit Client (Government)
Linda was extremely patient and flexible with my ever-changing needs. She also opened up her personal network to assist me in my job search. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and I am very pleased with the finished products.
— Deluxe Career Toolkit Client (IT)
I extend my deepest gratitude to you for the many ways in which you have helped me in this transition. You have provided a “holistic” approach to this change in that we have covered both the business and personal sides of my life. I have truly appreciated the positivity of all your communications and your continued out-reach to me. It indeed has been most rewarding in working with you.
— Deluxe Career Toolkit Client (Business / Sales)
I cannot thank you enough for all of the assistance that you have offered me over the past several months. I know with certainty that I would not be in my current position if it were not for you. It’s taken a few twists and turns to get here, but I’ve viewed this as a good learning experience, and I’m glad that I had you there every step of the way.
— Hire Achiever Client (Business / Accounting)